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Latest Murder Trail build: v0.22

We are still creating content for this page so check back regularly. E-mail us if there is something you think we should offer for download that isn't here.




Course Content Updates

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Description Movie (.mp4) Powerpoint Show

Murder Trail Preview (TV)

for backlit screens e.g. TVs, monitors.

iphone version (m4v)

normal_version (m4v)



Murder Trail Preview

Version for showing on a projector.


Murder Trail Looping Preview

This version will loop continuously with no sound. Designed for use on display monitors.


Murder Trail Credits

The cinematic end music along with a movie style list of all the people involved. This version is design for best viewing on backlit screens.



Murder Trail Mystery Numbers

What is the meaning of these mysterious numbers? The clues are on the website! E-mail us your complete solution!

parchment  Murder Trail Logo - Parchment 1024x768 1440x900
gradient Murder Trail Logo - Gradient   1440x900
sunsetth Alternative Reality Logo - Sunset   large
arblack  Alternative Reality Logo - Black 1024x768  
Description Word Format PDF Format

List of skills used in Murder Trail

Extracted from version 23 development 1 (version 23 is scheduled for release in July). Subject to change.

  Murder Trail skills.pdf

Actor list

Extracted from version 23 development 1 (version 23 is scheduled for release in July).

mt_actors.doc mt_actors.pdf

Health and Safety documents

mt_healthandsafety.docx mt_healthandsafety.pdf

Feedback forms

Form 1 is a simplified version of Form 2. Form 2 is recommended for most people.

Feedback Form 1.docx

Feedback Form 2.docx

Course Updates

Murder Trail v0.22 is the latest version.

No updates will be posted until version 23 is released in July.

After Release 1.0, any changes to documentation will be posted here as they become available.


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