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Beaumanor Hall



Leicester College


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Beaumanor Hall April 2010
Wednesday May 5th 2010 1:09pm

We had a great time at Beaumanor Hall! We wish to thank the staff for helping us get everything prepared for the day and for letting us run wild around the hall with CSI Kits. Lunch was delicious and was a nice break for the busy teams. Weather was warm and dry, (apart from the 5 minutes of rain we had that washed away the blood right at the start of the day. Oh well. Things never go to plan).

The Leicester College staff and the GCSE student volunteers all enjoyed the day immensely and nearly all the volunteers are going to do it again - some for a third or even fourth time!


The teams get to practice their new found CSI skills at crime scene 1. I hope there wasn't any footprint evidence there...


Robin takes samples from the victims severed head. This team left no corner uncovered in the search for evidence and went on to get a very good solution to the crime.


Things get intensive for Mary Griffin (top right behind the desk) as the teams start firing questions in large groups.


This team gets to grips with the equipment pretty fast... good job, they only have a couple of hours to solve the crime!


Forming ideas at crime scene 2: "Maybe she staggered towards the car park after her head was chopped off..." I think that theory might need some more work!


Crime scene 2 was the largest area we have marked off for a crime scene.


Inside the new CSI Kits.


Reconstructing the crime with detailed drawings late in the afternoon. This helped the team come up with one of several timelines.


Mary Griffin was kindly played by Molly. Every actor has an ID badge so we know who they are. Questioning in the afternoon was intense as teams found more evidence to back up their theories - we don't call this section of the day "The Hornet's Nest" for no reason!


Head of forensics and the DCI discuss the grave situation as time starts to run out for our teams. Creator Paul Barlow (me) appears on the left.


Deciding the next move. With a lot of leads, this partial team take time over coffee to look at the area history and analysis assays they can perform.


On the move. Murder Trail certainly helps to keep you fit. This team were visiting a newly discovered third crime scene.


This team took a more relaxed approach to questioning... Neil (played by Matt) sits behind his desk answering questions.


It is late in the afternoon and at lot is at stake. Tracy, (played by Allison in the middle of the picture), gets a final interview.

Thank you to everyone who took part and the staff at Beaumanor Hall for making it a wonderful day, enjoyed by all.

Leicester College March 2009
Wednesday April 28th 2010 6:30pm

The first Murder Trail run with the new graphics. The GCSE and BTEC heads played head to head. Unfortunately there are some images missing from this gallery, but I hope to find them out soon.


There was a lot of blood. This picture appeared in The Independent newspaper.


The first version of the CSI Kits in the foreground and a student taking samples from the victim's severed head left in a fridge...


Mikaela "Mickey" Deckim. A very shady character. And a chav. But was she the killer?


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